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About La Casa Argentina

Your very own unique taste of Argentina, at the best steak house restaurant right here in Prague.  From the captivating nautical tavern, to the Buenos Aires Piano Bar or to the Parana River at the Iguazu Falls, you will immediately be enticed by the atmosphere and find yourself in another world.

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At La Casa Argentina we have several rooms to ensure that you experience the many different tastes of Argentina. Each room represents another aspect of Argentina:

Salon Caminito – Experience the sounds of the seductive Argentine tango, watch the best latin dance, or feel the sound of the bandoneón pulsating through your body.

Salon Iguazu – Where you will find yourself in the Argentinean countryside, amongst waterfalls and live iguanas.

Salon Isla – Enjoy the sounds of the Latin American rhythm while taking in the dominating coral bar.

Salon Puerto La Boca – All aboard!  Enjoy a swig of quality rum on board the anchored old ship with swinging chairs from ropes. 

Salon Mendoza – Where you can come and enjoy a glass of real Argentinean wine while seated in the comfortable and stylish surroundings of our newly opened Salon. 

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With any Argentinean restaurant, the deliciously grilled meats are the spectacle and main culinary attraction on the menu.  With our succulent gourmet beef steaks, we use the highest quality meat of Argentine bulls.   Their superb taste reflects the free and natural raising of the animals on the Pampas and their particularly humane method of meat processing.  To further accentuate their unique taste, the steaks are prepared on a “parrilla” open grill, which reduces the amount of dripping fat from the meat and subsequent burning. In other words still a one of the healthiest meat preparation techniques today.

Although we are renowned for our succulent and delicious steaks, La Casa Argentina isn’t just an argentinean steak house.  We also offer and prepare dishes from fresh fish, seafood and tasty vegetable salads. Whether you desire to eat light, healthy or refined for lunch or dinner, La Casa Argentina aims at amazing more then meat lovers. The perfectly balanced taste of our food is well accompanied by one of our selection of Argentine and international wines. All our 3 bars offer a wide range and selection of fantastic cocktails.  Each cocktail is freshly prepared by qualified barman.  You will also find a wide selection of quality rums and other liquor brands to choose from. To round up your culinary and beverage experience, treat yourself with a break and taste one of our Cuban cigars.

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